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The Mirabaud Sailing Video Award is organised and managed by MaxComm Communication sàrl, 42 Quai Gustave Ador, 1207 Geneva.

Tel : +41 22 735 55 30.

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  • To enter the contest, participants must agree to the Rules.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Videos may be submitted by participants from any country in the world.
  • The contest is open to professional TV, film and video producers, cameramen, editors, filmmakers. Professional means people involved professionally in TV, films and video productions, who can confirm that they have regularly produced and published videos and been paid to perform their job.
  • The contest is also open to professional sailors who film their achievements during races (onboard sailing videos). They will compete for the « Special Jury Award »  - see below. Most of the filming must be done by the sailor and the video clip must tell his/her story. The editing of the video can be made by someone else, amateur or professional.
  • In case of doubt, the jury will define whether the author is to be considered a professional video film maker. For example, on-board reporters involved in the Volvo Ocean Race will be considered professional film makers. Vendée Globe and IMOCA, Figaro or Mini sailors will be considered pro-sailors.
  • Each video submitted is associated to its author - cameraman, filmmaker, editor. The author can submit only one video per year. TV production companies can submit as many videos as they wish as long as they have been produced by a different author.
  • The subject of the videos is: « Sailing », considered as a sport, with no other restriction.
  • The duration of the videos submitted must be comprised between 30 seconds and 1 minute 30 seconds (billboard not included, and with reasonable flexibility).
  • The format of the videos must be MP4.
  • The quality of the video must be no more than 1080 p HD
  • The size of the video must be no more than 200 MB
  • Each video must incorporate an official intro / extro billboard that must be downloaded on the registration form and integrated respectively at the beginning / end of the video.
  • Subtitles are allowed - and recommended when appropriate
  • The video should not have any inappropriate content, language or imagery (no violence, racist comments, pornographic or personal attacks on people or organisations, etc.).
  • Music and soundtracks must be free of rights.

The videos are expected to represent the essence and excitement of the sport. They can feature yachts, multihulls, dinghies, windsurf or kite boards, and can be filmed during training, before and after regattas, or in any way linked with sailing as a sport.

  • The author of the video are requested to fill in the questionary and to attach their videos
  • The videos submitted must have been filmed between November 1, 2017, and September 24, 2018.
  • The videos must be submitted before September 24, 2018 at midnight GMT.
  • The questionary incorporates the name of the author, the subject (name of the boat, sailor, event), the date of the shooting and - if appropriate - the name of the TV production company (logo welcome). Those information are compulsory.
  • Each video must be preceded and concluded by a billboard submitted by the « Sailing Video Award », that must be downloaded on the registration form.
  • If the subject of a video is a minor (under the age of 18), the author can be asked to provide a written release from the parent or legal guardian of the minor.
  • The authors must own all rights on their videos to enter the contest, or have the authorization from the rights holder to do so.
  • Music and soundtracks must be free of rights.
  • The videos will be displayed on the event website as well as on the event social media. Liking and sharing is recommended.
  • MaxComm and the event’s partners have the right to use the videos submitted for communication in the context of the contest’s promotion. The authors accept that their videos could be shown by MaxComm and the event partners in connection with the contest, for example on their social networks and during the Yacht Racing Forum.
  • The videos can be shown by the event partners as well as organisations selected or accepted by MaxComm.
  • The videos will not in any way be sold or exchanged for services or goods.
  • The name of the authors and copyright will always be associated to their videos.

Mirabaud Sailing Video Award :

  • The international jury will rate the videos from 0 - 10, on each of the following criteria:
    • General appreciation
    • Quality of the production
    • Originality
  • 0 is the worse note. 10 is the best note
  • The vote by the international jury will take place between September 28 – October 5, 2018.
  • The jury will vote separately for the professional sailor video, and determine the « Special prize of the Jury ».

Mirabaud Sailing Video Public Award :

The « Mirabaud Sailing Video Public Award » will be based on the number of votes on Internet, starting on September 28.

The Public Award helps promote the contest through the social networks and Internet but doesn’t rate as high as the main award. The selection will be based on the public votes on Internet until October 15, 2018 at midday (CET).

The producers have the right to and they are encouraged to promote their pictures through the social networks as this is considered as a global promotion for the contest and its participants.

Mirabaud Sailing Video - Special Jury Award :

The Special Jury Award is open to professional sailors, who produce on-board videos during races. Those videos must only incorporate sequences filmed by the on-board sailors. They can be edited by professional TV editors.

The videos will be rated by the jury in order to determine the winner between September 28 - October 5, 2018.

  • The jury will be international and independent. It will comprise five to seven members, who will be named before the opening of the votes.
  • The names of the members of the Jury will be made public. The details of the votes will remain secret.
  • All decisions by the Jury are final.
  • The members of the Jury will vote for all videos submitted videos in order to determine the winners. They will also vote for the Special Jury Award.
  • Members of the International Jury are not allowed to vote for videos produced by the company they work for or represent. The videos submitted by the company they work for will receive the average number of points allocated by the other members of the jury.
  • The winners of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award 2018 will be announced during a public ceremony held at the Yacht Racing Forum on October 22. The winner of the Jury award will receive a prize money of € 1’000.- 
  • The winners of the Public Award (professional TV producers only) and the Special Jury Award will be announced at the same time, and celebrated on the same occasion. They will each receive a prize money of € 500.-

Professional TV, film and video producers, cameraman, editors and filmmakers are encouraged to join the Yacht Racing Forum, and contribute to making this an annual celebration of yacht racing video. The organiser of the Yacht Racing Forum will extend complimentary delegate passes to the participants who have submitted videos for the contest.

Please register for the Yacht Racing Forum at

These rules are subject to Swiss law and to the exclusive place of jurisdiction in Geneva (with reservation of the right of appeal to the Federal Court in Lausanne).