505 a day of coaching

505 a day of coaching


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Haaland Gerrit


Coach: Thure Gnadeberg

One of the major challenges in sailing today is how to keep young sailors in the sport once their youth sailing experience has come to an end. The German 505 class association seems to have found a way: by offering regular open coaching sessions and by maintaining a competitive boat that is generously loaned to talented sailors who express interest in the class, a door is kept open for those who grow out of youth programs or end their Olympic careers. We spend a day at a coaching session and meet ex 29er twins who opted against a 49er campaign, an ex 470 crack who admits she always had a crush on the 505, and a two-time Olympic rower who enjoys crewing on a 505 as a transition from professional to leisure sport. This video also showcases what experienced and committed video producers like YACHTFILM‘s Gerrit Haaland can achieve single-handedly, with only a cabin bag full of today‘s ever advancing video equipment.

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