[Interview of Nicolas Mirabaud] « Videos are about telling a story »

[Interview of Nicolas Mirabaud] « Videos are about telling a story »

[Interview of Nicolas Mirabaud] « Videos are about telling a story »


Title partner and strong supporter of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award since day 1, the Mirabaud Group has a long lasting history with sailing. Managing Partner Nicolas Mirabaud tells us what makes sailing videos so special.

• What do you think is the most important aspect of a video?

I look at many different things when I watch videos: the aesthetic of the image, which is very important for me; the framing, the soundtrack, the plot, the rhythm… In my opinion, the most important is the emotion conveyed by the video. A video with no emotion is kind of like a sailboat with no wind…

 Is there anything you’ve seen too much and don’t want to see anymore?

I am sure I’lll never find these videos boring. All the participants should be congratulated for presenting us with such a diverse range of videos, even when they cover the same subject. It is not easy to stand out and capture the viewer's attention in such a short format.

•  Is there something you would really like to see more in videos ?

Videos showcase beautiful images, but above all they are about telling a story. Video offers a unique medium for freedom and creativity. As with sailing, to tell a story, there is no limit to innovation, imagination and creativity.

•  If you should give one advice to the participants of the 2019 edition of the contest, what would it be ?

Carry on taking us aboard, across the seas and the lakes, and allow us to feel the emotions of sailing. Don't hesitate to surprise us and be original.

•  What did you think of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award 2018 videos ?

I enjoyed watching them. Cameramen and filmmakers give us the chance to witness these spectacular adventures, where sailors, amateurs and professionals alike, give it their all. I also noticed that many of the topics covered by the videos are directly related to sailing competitions. With more events taking place recently, and planned over the coming months,  we expect a great 2019 edition.